The “mildly Islamic” (as the Economist likes to put it) government of Turkey is rattling its saber against Israel louder and louder. In just the last few days, Turkish newspapers have reported two belligerent announcements from the Turkish government. First, the government announced it was reprogramming its IFF systems to identify Israeli planes as hostile. Second, they reportedly announced that Turkish warships would accompany the upcoming humanitarian/terrorist flotilla to Gaza, and would attack any Israeli warships they encountered outside Israeli waters. The government quickly backpedaled from the second announcement, but it’s hard to be very reassured.

We must not forget that Erdogan’s fingerprints are all over the original humanitarian/terrorist flotilla that started this whole crisis. He wants this crisis; the only question is why. Does he really want war with Israel? If not, what does he expect to gain from his brinksmanship?

(Via Hot Air.)

UPDATE: David Warren is worried too.

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