Note to cops: this doesn’t help

When police do their job — which is to protect innocent people from criminals — they earn our respect, and earn a special place in society. Today especially, we remember the sacrifice of New York City police who gave their lives saving others in the World Trade Center. But when police exploit their powers to advance their own selfish interests,  such as to suppress scrutiny or criticism, they turn an honorable profession into thugs with badges. They diminish our respect for good cops as well as themselves.

Case in point:

Drivers honking their horns near a “Justice for Kelly Thomas” protest in Fullerton on Saturday were cited by police officers on suspicion of illegally using that vehicle feature, the Fullerton Police Department has confirmed. Thomas was a 37-year-old homeless man fatally injured after a confrontation with six Fullerton police officers. The incident is still under investigation.

They ticketed people for criticizing them. Thugs with badges. (See also this.)

(Via Instapundit.)

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