Conscience of a Krugman

I’m sure we all remember how, in the days following 9/11, the nation set partisanship aside came together. People rallied to the flag and filled houses of worship to bursting. Bitter adversaries in Congress held hands and sang together on the Capitol steps.

Obviously it couldn’t last. Our political divisions are just too deep. But for a while we united to meet a horrifying new threat. It sounds cliched, but the terrible events of that day brought out the best in America.

But for Paul Krugman, that short period of national unity is a shameful period. What a little, little man.

POSTSCRIPT: Yes, Mr. Krugman, I agree that the 9/11 commemorations are subdued in a way, but, unlike you, I don’t think it odd. We are remembering an atrocity that killed three thousand people, you weasel. What are you remembering?

UPDATE: James Taranto: “History’s smallest monster.

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