UAW takes the next step

Fox News reports:

It may seem a cruel irony that the one U.S. automaker that took no bailout money is now at greater risk of a national strike as it continues labor negotiations with union leaders.

Based upon initial tallies last week, rank and file Ford United Auto Worker members were leaning overwhelmingly toward a national strike authorization against their employer. With the current national labor contracts set to expire September 14 at General Motors, Chrysler and Ford, local union representatives at Ford were reporting 97 percent of their membership was voting to authorize a strike, if necessary. . .

Ford is the only one of the Big Three domestic automakers where, legally, workers can strike. Both GM and Chrysler and their union workers agreed in accepting the federal government’s auto bailout in 2009 to resolve contract issues through binding arbitration.

Cruel irony, perhaps, but this is also completely predictable. Ford’s labor is controlled by the UAW, which now owns Ford’s competition, GM and Chrysler. The UAW has every incentive to avoid labor strife at GM and Chrysler (hence the binding arbitration agreement) and to promote labor strife at Ford.

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