Union violence

John Hinderaker takes a look at actual political violence; not quasi-martial metaphors (like “I want people to be armed with the facts”), but actual gunfire. If you set aside crazy people and terrorists, it almost invariably comes from unions.

This is to be expected from general economic considerations. In contrast to company-town scenario that forms the basis of union mythology, today’s unions almost always are in settings in which there are plenty of alternative workers who would be happy to have the union’s jobs. In order for the union to exercise monopolistic power over labor, it needs a way to exclude those alternative workers from the market. Federal laws written by Democrats specifically to give unions more power does some of that. For example, employers are required to negotiate with the union, rather than with individual workers. But those legal powers aren’t enough, “buy union” campaigns are ineffective, and the only other tool unions have to exclude non-union labor is coercion. So that’s what we see.

POSTSCRIPT: Although it’s weak beer compared to the incidents Hinderaker discusses, we have a recent case from around these parts in which someone with a key shut off phone and internet service to Verizon customers in Uniontown while a strike against Verizon was ongoing.

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