Sneering at the First Amendment

Former Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH) has proved the voters’ wisdom in turning him out of office by suing the Susan B. Anthony List. The group criticized his Driehaus’s vote for health care nationalization as a vote for abortion (which it was).

Driehaus says that the group’s position was dishonest and that the First Amendment doesn’t protect liars. Which, of course, is what every politician and tyrant always says whenever they try to stop people from criticizing them.

Unfortunately, the judge in the case, Timothy Black, is allowing the case to go forward, because he agrees with Driehaus that the Susan B. Anthony List’s criticism was untrue:

Black wrote in his opinion that voting for a bill that might have a loophole allowing for abortion coverage “is entirely different from providing for ‘taxpayer funded abortion,'” as the Susan B. Anthony List claimed of Driehaus’ voting record.

One might thing that the question of whether allowing abortion coverage in a taxpayer-funded pool constitutes taxpayer-funded abortion is — at the very least — protected political opinion. But not Judge Black.

Black, incidentally, is an Obama appointee.

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