House to vote on light bulbs

Politico reports that the House might hold a vote to repeal the light bulb ban within days. Not everyone is happy:

Environmental groups and others have mounted an opposition campaign to the Republican legislation. The Natural Resources Defense Council, the Alliance to Save Energy and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association are running advertisements in Capitol Hill newspapers touting the light bulb efficiency law.

“Phasing in energy efficient light bulbs means more choices and more savings and that’s good for families, the country and the environment,” the ads say.

“More choices”, by banning choices? Orwell would be proud.

But, in a way, I hope they do fight this. This could be a very effective wedge issue for Republicans. Once people are forced into buying CFLs, which are crappy, toxic, and expensive, and which don’t last anywhere near as long as claimed, they will be pissed. Still, I’d rather just have light bulbs.

POSTSCRIPT: Politico tries to work in their slant here:

Republicans have cast the 2007 law as a “light bulb ban,” even though the language doesn’t explicitly ban incandescent bulbs.

Those dishonest Republicans, calling it a “ban” when all the law actually does is make it impossible to get them. They’re not banned, you just can’t get them. . .

UPDATE: Well, it’s the Democratic light bulb ban now.

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