Democrats whitewash Gunwalker

The Democrats have released their minority report on the Gunwalker scandal. They say the lesson of the ATF’s insane project is that we need more gun control in the United States. If we’re going to tighten any gun control laws because of this, how about making it a crime for federal agents to traffic guns to Mexican drug cartels?! Just a thought.

The Democrats’ position that the lesson of Gunwalker is the need for more gun control (rather than, say, that the ATF shouldn’t traffic guns to Mexican drug cartels) certainly won’t do anything to quiet the suspicions of many that the real purpose of the “Fast and Furious” operation was political, to provide a pretext for more gun control.

POSTSCRIPT: They also reiterate the 90% lie (in which gun control advocates claim that 90% of Mexican crime guns come from US gun shops when the real number is less than 8%).

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