Apple sues teen entrepreneur

This makes me mad:

Last November, we highlighted the story of New York City teenager Fei Lam, who had managed to sell $130,000 worth of white iPhone 4 parts in just a few months to customers eager to get their hands on a white iPhone 4 has Apple continued to delay the release of the official model. Lam claimed that he had developed a secondhand relationship with someone at Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn who had been supplying him with parts. At the time, the report noted that Lam had been contacted by a purported private investigator who claimed that Lam was trafficking in stolen goods, and Lam’s site disappeared soon after.

Apple yesterday finally filed a lawsuit against Lam and his parents, claiming infringement and dilution of its trademarks and engaging in deceptive practices through his conversion kit sales through his website at

I should mention at the outset that it appears the suit has been settled, and we don’t know the terms of the settlement. But I don’t need to know the terms to be outraged by this. I don’t know if Apple has a case under the law — but they shouldn’t have a case.

This kid was selling aftermarket parts, that’s all. There’s nothing unusual about that. It seems to me that this is Apple using a groundless lawsuit to drive a tiny competitor out of business. And if the suit actually has a basis in law, that’s even worse.

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