Gen. Ricardo Sanchez used to be reviled by the left as nearly a war criminal. (From particularly strident leftists you can strike the “nearly”.) But all that stuff is forgotten now that he is running for the Senate as a Democrat. As Glenn Reynolds put it: “It’s like they never cared about this stuff except insofar as they could score cheap partisan points.”

POSTSCRIPT: Democrats will doubtless turn this argument on its head and accuse Republicans of hypocrisy when their attacks on Sanchez begin. Let’s pre-but that argument now: Our opinion of Sanchez has changed, but for non-opportunistic reasons, and long before Sanchez hinted at becoming a political candidate. He has been a vociferous opponent of the surge — the strategy that won the war — even well after it was clearly working. The man has bad military judgement, and nothing else on his resume.

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