Prior restraint

A court in Dearborn, Michigan has forbidden Terry Jones to protest in front of mosque. When he refused to agree, he was briefly thrown in jail! (More here.) Something is seriously wrong in that town.

This is so obviously unconstitutional that it can’t possibly withstand appeal. But in the meantime Dearborn has made Jones into a free-speech martyr. We’ll never be rid of him now. Nice job, jackasses.

UPDATE: From the ACLU brief:

In Forsyth County v Nationalist Party, the Supreme Court held that “[s]peech cannot be financially burdened, any more than it can be punished or banned, simply because it might offend a hostile mob.” 505 US 123, 34-135 (1992). In Forsyth, the Court considered the constitutionality of an ordinance that allowed a local administrator to assess a fee for demonstrations or parades depending on how much the administrator estimated it would cost to maintain public order during the event.

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