Let them eat cake

President Obama says not to blame him for high gas prices: if you’re having trouble paying for gas, you ought to buy a more fuel-efficient car. Oh, I see. Thanks for nothing.

What Obama and the rest of the left fail to appreciate (or at least approve) is that people make decisions for their own reasons, and often their reasons are good ones. Cue to 1:48 here to see Obama make fun of the questioner for having a big car, then nearly do a spit-take when he learned the man had ten kids.

ASIDE: At that point, Obama said he needed to buy a hybrid van. If you’re having trouble paying for gas, can you afford an expensive hybrid? And hybrid vans (the few that exist) don’t get very good mileage either, for that matter.

There’s also a media failure aspect to this story. The Associated Press has sent this entire story down the memory hole and replaced it with a completely different story without the callous indifference. (Aaron Worthing says that doing so violated the AP’s policy, but come on, who really takes that stuff seriously?)

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