Happy bloggiversary

I launched Internet Scofflaw three years ago today. In honor of the occasion, I’ve collected some of my favorite posts:

  • The Scofflaw Principle: in which I expounded my political philosophy that gave the blog its name.
  • A fable: tax-and-spend is theft, except without the risk to the robber.
  • Media failure: how I learned that the media cannot be trusted.
  • Hauser’s Law: the truly amazing result that federal tax revenue (as a fraction of GDP) is constant, regardless of where tax rates are set. Consequently, we should give up on dickering around with the tax rates and focus on encouraging growth.
  • Tribal politics and the suicide pact: in which I observe that the Democratic party is not an ideological movement, but an alliance of tribes. I also speculated that its nature might hurt their effort to nationalize health care. (Perhaps I was right, but clearly it didn’t hurt enough.)
  • Urban legend claims Palestinian 9/11 celebration video is fake: It wasn’t fake, as much as some people would like to believe it so. I didn’t think this post was anything special, but it has gotten tons of hits from search engines from people searching “Palestinian 9/11 celebration video fake”, so I take some pride in helping to put that particular urban legend down.

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