Unfair editing?

Time’s James Poniewozik thinks that James O’Keefe edited his video of Ron Schiller unfairly. That’s crap. Unlike the legacy media, O’Keefe makes his unedited video available. If the video really were edited unfairly, NPR had all the material it needed to defend him. It did not.

But I want to take this thought a little bit further. Poniewozik has been Time’s “media and television critic” since July 1999, so he had the job when Michael Moore released his execrable Bowling for Columbine in 2002. Moore is notorious for his dishonesty, but he outdid himself in Columbine by featuring a Charleton Heston speech that Charleton Heston never gave. It was edited together from scraps of two different speeches. Moore even put sentences together from multiple sentence fragments.

Did Poniewozik ever complain about the unfair editing in Columbine? If so, Google knows nothing of it. (And it’s not as though Poniewozik was unaware of Columbine. He made a stir by criticizing Moore’s speech accepting the Oscar for Columbine; lamenting that Moore diluted his anti-war message with other complaints.)

To sum up: Time seems to be quite concerned with unfair editing on the right (where it isn’t), but not at all concerned with unfair editing on the left (where it really is, flagrantly).

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