Obama reinstates military tribunals

Remember the fierce moral urgency of change?

President Obama announced Monday that military trials will resume for detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, saying he wants to “broaden our ability to bring terrorists to justice.”

The president issued an executive order outlining the changes Monday afternoon, as Defense Secretary Robert Gates rescinded a January 2009 ban against bringing new charges against terror suspects in the military commissions.

All that stuff about the horrible immorality of the military tribunals was merely political posturing? Who could have predicted such a thing?

Let’s review: Military tribunals are on. The Surge is retroactively a Democratic accomplishment. The troop withdrawal deadline in Afghanistan is kaput. Guantanamo is still open, with no sign of closing. The FISA Amendments Act (which approved warrantless wiretapping of foreign terrorists even when they call the United States) was passed with bipartisan support, with both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton managing to miss the vote (and with announced support from Obama). And the unitary executive theory has been embraced by Democrats.

In short, now that they are in a position where they have to take responsibility for the consequences of their policies in the war on terror, Democrats have embraced nearly every Bush-era policy they used to condemn. In other words, virtually everything they ever said to attack President Bush’s anti-terror policies was simple demagoguery.

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