Time: I meant to do that

The left’s hatred for Sarah Palin makes them do some amazingly stupid things. After Christina Aguilera butchered the national anthem at the Superbowl, Us Weekly reported some crackpot commentary from Sarah Palin:

The TLC reality star also criticized both the NFL and President Obama’s administration for allowing Aguilera to perform, arguing that “spicy Latin princesses” shouldn’t be permitted to sing at such events.

“Unemployment is at nine percent, yet we have to suffer through a performance by a foreigner with a poor grasp of the English language?” Palin argued. [Ed.: Aguilera is from Staten Island.] “If I were president, I’d deport Ms. Aguilera back to wherever it is she’s from and give Amy Smart a call.”

Now, if you’re not suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome, you’re probably thinking to yourself that Sarah Palin said no such thing. And you would be right. The interview was invented out of whole cloth by a satire website and then plagiarized by Us Weekly. They later apologized.

Of course, Us Weekly is just a supermarket tabloid. No real news publication could make such a mistake, right?

Time Magazine:

Was Christina Aguilera’s Star-Spangled Banner slip-up enough to provoke war? Conan apparently thinks so. And you thought Sarah Palin went overboard by commenting that she wanted to deport the singer?

And that’s not even the pathetic part. When Time learned of its error, it was unable to maintain the high journalistic standards of Us Weekly. Instead of admitting it made a mistake, it claimed that it knew the quote was bogus all along:

(CLARIFICATION: Palin did not, in fact, say this. It was a tongue-in-cheek link to an article that was intended as a joke.)

In other words, “I meant to do that.” Pathetic.

Actually, it’s even more pathetic than it first appears, when you consider that their defense is that they printed the line knowing it was false. They would rather that people thought they knowingly print libel than be thought a bunch of buffoons.

(Via Power Line.)

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