An insult to double standards

When Paul Krugman — without a shred of evidence — accused Sarah Palin of culpability in the Tucson massacre because of her supposedly violent rhetoric, which resulted in a spike in death threats against her, the New York Times sided with Krugman. So much so that they even adopted Krugman’s calumny themselves.

But, when Glenn Beck — entirely accurately — noted that Frances Piven (once an infamous communist agitator who mostly faded from the public scene decades ago) was explicitly calling for political violence, and that reportedly resulted in some death threats, the Times sides with Piven.

So when the right uses violent rhetoric (that isn’t), they are evil. Their critics are doing right. But when the left uses violent rhetoric (that really is), their critics are evil.

Calling this a double standard is doing it too much credit. The NYT is simply full of crap, making whatever argument serves them on that particular day.

(Via Instapundit.)

UPDATE: What Piven is all about.

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