Bite me

Time’s Mark Halperin is “most concerned” about “the anger of the right-wing commentariat.” Although he admits that conservatives are “justifiably upset”, he says that they should be “turning the other cheek” and “trying to bring the country together.”

Trying to bring the country together would have been a good idea, but that possibility died when the left-wing commentariat (so to speak) started in with the calumny. If he’s disappointed, he needs to look to Paul Krugman and Markos Moulitsas and their ilk.

POSTSCRIPT: Halperin also said the “media and the politicians have behaved pretty well”. But much of the media and the politicians spent a full day pushing the violent language meme, which is really just the same calumny stripped of a specific target.

UPDATE: ABC is criticizing Sarah Palin for finding a way to become part of the story. That’s crap. Krugman et al. made her part of the story. She shouldn’t have responded? Please.

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One Response to Bite me

  1. martin says:

    That’s the thing about a philosophy without moral compunctions. They can be as hypocritical as they like. When they talk about standards they have no intention of upholding, we are troubled if we don’t. There are lines that most conservatives won’t cross, because they actually care about such old-fashioned things as decency, respect, and honor. These are only relative concepts to the left (the ends justify the means – Sol Alinsky, Lenin, etc)

    They’re not afraid to jump into the fray and use this issue for political motives. The conservatives don’t want to, but are forced to go against their instincts to defend against the attacks. That puts us in their “cross-hairs” and libel to their charges of hypocrisy.

    Oh well. Tough. We must behave respectfully and learn to ignore baseless accusations. But, we can’t let the debate be one-sided. There are too many people who are susceptible to the pablum of the media. However, it’s a shame that we must engage in a pissing contest with a skunk.

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