No decency

Legal Insurrection notes:

The meme that opponents of Obama are crazy and dangerous has been an explicit Democratic Party campaign strategy for over two years.  Here is just a partial list of events in which the left-wing and Democratic Party media operation has immediately blamed right-wing rhetoric, only to be proven wrong when the facts finally came out:  Bill SparkmanAmy BishopThe Fort Hood ShooterThe IRS Plane CrasherThe Cabbie Stabbing, and The Pentagon Shooter.

(Via Instapundit.)

UPDATE: Democrats are exploiting the incident for fundraising.

UPDATE: Fox News’s Megyn Kelly gets Sheriff Clarence Dupnik to admit he has no information to substantiate his allegation that political rhetoric caused the attack (cue to 3:19 if you’re impatient). “That’s my opinion, period.”

UPDATE: Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is exploiting the incident for fundraising too.

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