China’s J-20 challenges the F-22?

Fox News reports:

While the Pentagon downplays China’s rollout this week of what appears to be a jet fighter designed using sophisticated stealth technology, military experts are warning that the aircraft – reportedly capable of besting America’s F-22 in speed and maneuverability – could pose the greatest threat yet to U.S. air superiority.

Decorated Navy fighter pilot Matthew “Whiz” Buckley, a Top Gun graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School who flew 44 combat missions over Iraq, says, “It’s probably leaps and bounds above where we are, and that’s terrifying.” . . .

The U.S. military’s current top-of-the-line fighter is Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor, the world’s only operational fifth generation fighter. In 2009, Congress capped production of F-22s at [183], relying on the cheaper F-35. Congress does not appear to be reconsidering the cap, which experts call the only real challenger to China’s J-20.

I don’t think it’s very likely that China could be rolling out a plane that competes with the F-22 today; it takes decades to develop a fighter. But even the possibility is terrifying. And don’t forget that we don’t have very many F-22s, and there won’t be any more.

Congress’s decision to shut down the F-22 program, which saved $13 billion while they wasted $800 billion on “stimulus”, looks even more idiotic now.

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