NYT blows another one

The New York Times reports:

Early in his presidency, [President Obama] issued several signing statements that made relatively uncontroversial challenges. But he has not issued any since June 2009, when lawmakers of both parties expressed outrage over a statement he attached to a bill saying that he could disregard requirements imposed on certain negotiations with international financial institutions.

(Emphasis mine.)

Simply untrue, as John Elwood notes.

POSTSCRIPT: The subject of the article is the possibility that President Obama might issue a signing statement asserting that he can ignore the budget’s provision that forbids him to move terrorist detainees from Guantanamo to the United States. I’ve remarked before that signing statements — in the abstract — can be entirely appropriate. But the idea being asserted in this case, that Congress’s legislative power does not extend to the manner by which detainees are held outside a theater of war, is absurd.

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