Running aground

A hilarious example of a liberal narrative running aground on the facts:

SCHLAPP: . . . [The Obama administration] made the language [bringing back the controversial end-of-life planning provision] worse, instead of doing this once every five years, now the Obama administration is allowing this to happen every year and actually reimbursing doctors to do it every year. So, that’s quite a slight of hand. And doesn’t government — aren’t they a little conflicted here? They have to find this huge health care savings for seniors at the same time they’ve become the counselors to seniors in their end of care decisions?

POWERS: Where was your outrage in 2008 when the Bush administration said that Medicare would reimburse end of life counseling?

SCHLAPP: It was a veto that was overridden by the Democrats. So, I give President Bush credit for vetoing that bill.

POWERS: No, it was a 2008 law. I mean, I don’t know what are talking about.

SCHLAPP: Yes, that became law over the president’s veto.

POWERS: No, that’s not true.

Schlapp is absolutely correct; “enacted under Bush” is not the same as “signed by Bush”. But what I love here is how Powers’s immediate reaction, when faced by the facts, is to deny the facts.

POSTSCRIPT: Powers eventually conceded the point, blaming the Wall Street Journal for her error. The Wall Street Journal didn’t try to blame the Obama administration’s misinformation for their error. Both of them did better than The Hill and Politico, neither of which has corrected their story yet.

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