Networks broke embargo on Obama Afghanistan trip

Several news networks broke the embargo on President Obama’s trip to Afghanistan early, which could have endangered him:

A growing flap — and concerns — over President Obama’s personal safety and security in the Afghan war zone tonight, given that some American news outlets reported he was there nearly a half-hour before Air Force One actually landed.

The concern is not just factual. Thus alerted, an enemy with a shoulder-fired missile near Bagram Air Base outside Kabul could have fired on the president’s plane or its decoys. . .

According to news pool reports from Air Force One, already White House officials are investigating how the news embargo was dangerously broken first by ABC News and then CNN and MSNBC.

Security for Obama’s trip was much less rigorous than for President Bush’s unannounced trip to Iraq:

According to Bush, he and national security adviser Condi Rice were hidden in the backseat of a Secret Service car leaving the president’s Texas ranch late one evening. The long overnight voyage was kept so secret that even a detachment of Secret Service agents at the ranch was unaware until the next day that the commander-in-chief had been spirited halfway around the world by conspiring security colleagues. Such, obviously, was not the case Friday.

I seem to recall the press at the time being outraged at being kept in the dark. (Of course, when it came to Bush, they tended to be outraged by anything.) This incident proves the wisdom of keeping the press in the dark.

Why the change now, I wonder. Is this Obama’s predilection to reverse all things Bush, or just general foolishness?

UPDATE: Fox News was the only network to observe the embargo, which is something to keep in mind the next time the left accuses Fox of fomenting violence against the president.

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