$117 million < 0?

This must be the most misleading headline of the year:

North Shore Connector said to be on schedule and under budget

As anyone following the Pittsburgh boondoggle knows, the project is $117.8 million over budget (so far), and was rated the nation’s third-worst waste of stimulus funds.

So how do they justify calling it “under budget”? They’ve scaled back service so the project’s operating costs will be less than originally projected:

Mr. Simmonds said the North Shore Connector was projected to add about $1 million to the authority’s operating costs (the authority has a $300 million-plus operating budget). With its chronic financial problems and imminent layoffs, the authority has scrapped plans to hire additional personnel for the subway extension, so its cost will be less than originally projected.

That explanation appears at the very end of the article.

(Via That’s Church.)

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