The content of the latest Wikileaks treason dump is mostly unsurprising. The main damage will be done not by the content of the document dump, but by world leaders’ unwillingness to speak frankly in the future since they know we cannot keep a secret.

Still, the dump does contain some interesting revelations:

  1. During its 2006 war with Israel, Hezbollah smuggled weapons in ambulances marked by the Red Crescent.
  2. When President Obama said he needed concessions from Israel to get Arab states to agree to action against Iran’s nuclear program, that was a lie. The Arab states wanted Iran stopped, and Israel had nothing to do with it.
  3. Germany urged the Obama administration to tighten the screws on Israel. (One might have thought that Germany, with its history, would have felt it better to stay out of it.)
  4. Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan, and his government lied in saying that they had not discussed basing missile defense on Turkish soil. (ASIDE: A high-ranking Turkish politician, nonplussed by this and other revelations, accused Israel of being behind Wikileaks somehow. The anti-Semitism is never buried very deep with these guys.)

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