Good thinking

The TSA chief disregarded advice to “get out ahead” of the controversy over the TSA’s new invasive screening procedures, deciding it would be better to spring them on the public without warning. He explained:

Doing so would have provided a “roadmap or blueprint for terrorists” to avoid detection by using other airports where the new technology wasn’t in place, Pistole said.

Rather than publicize the changes, Pistole said he made a “risk-based” decision to roll it out first and “try to educate the public after we did that.”

Which might have made sense, if their screening were actual security, rather than security theater. If they actually wanted to catch terrorists, they would look at what the Israelis do. Problem is, the Israelis do psychological profiling, and any process with the word “profiling” in it probably won’t pass political correctness.

(Via the Corner.)

UPDATE: More on how the Israelis do security.

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