Mob veto, on spec

To the left is a hilarious cartoon by Wiley Miller. In case you’ve been out-of-touch from the news for the last ten years, it satirizes the death threats that Islamists have directed at artists for drawing Muhammad, and it satirizes the western publishers that have knuckled under to those barbarians’ threats.

The particularly clever thing about the cartoon is Muhammad actually appears nowhere in it. It contains no depiction of Muhammad and thus should not offend Muslim sensibilities. It is strictly a political comment.

Alas, that wasn’t good enough. The Washington Post and various other papers still refused to run it for fear that it might offend Muslims.

Did they think Muslims will be offended by a satire of Islamists’ predilection to issue death threats for Muhammad illustrations? That seems to confuse moderate Muslims from the Islamists, but never mind. More to the point, since when does the Washington Post refrain from printing satire because the target of the satire might be offended?!

Certainly the Washington Post has no similar reluctance to offend Christians, Republicans, or Tea Partiers. But that’s just common sense: Christians, Republicans, and Tea Partiers are the bad guys, and also, they don’t run around cutting off heads.

If the preceding sentence doesn’t make sense to you, you obviously don’t work for the Washington Post.

(Via Power Line.)

POSTSCRIPT: The Richmond Times-Dispatch has an excellent commentary on the incident.

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