The dishonesty or the hypocrisy?

In the ongoing debate over whether the Democrats’ foreign-money line of attack is more dishonest or more hypocritical, another big point on the hypocrisy side:

During a press conference Tuesday, [White House press secretary Robert] Gibbs scolded groups that would not disclose, and has said that Americans have a right to know who is behind “largely negative campaign attack ads.”

“Simply tell us who you are,” Gibbs said. . .

During the 2003-2004 presidential primary season, however, Gibbs worked as the spokesman for a liberal advocacy group that ran attack ads against then-Democratic candidate Howard Dean. The “secretive” group, called Americans for Jobs, Health Care & Progressive Values, spent months organizing scathing ads without disclosing who was paying for them. . .

The Dean camp was furious, and called on the group to disclose who had funded the ad. . .

The organization’s Treasurer, David Jones, refused.

“We will disclose donors when the law requires,” Jones was quoted as saying in The New York Times.

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