Poll: Dems more extreme than GOP

Oops, this doesn’t fit the narrative:

Likely voters in battleground districts see extremists as having a more dominant influence over the Democratic Party than they do over the GOP.

This result comes from The Hill 2010 Midterm Election Poll, which found that 44 percent of likely voters say the Democratic Party is more dominated by its extreme elements, whereas 37 percent say it’s the Republican Party that is more dominated by extremists.

This is because, in fact, the far wing of the Democrats is a bunch of socialists (and even Marxists), while the far wing of the Republicans is a bunch of tea party types. Despite the left’s efforts to brand the Tea Party movement as racist and extremist, it’s quite mainstream. Consequently, Democratic efforts to highlight the tea party elements in the GOP, far from helping the Dems, are serving just to show how safe the GOP’s right wing is.

(Via JammieWearingFool.)

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