Inspector General to investigate political use of confidential tax records

The Washington Times reports:

A federal inspector general is looking into whether the Obama administration used confidential taxpayer information in an effort to attack a political opponent, Koch Industries. . .

Charles and David Koch, brothers who control the Kansas-based company, are libertarians who have used some of their wealth to fund conservative groups and causes that oppose much of President Obama’s agenda. Mr. Obama has singled out the company for criticism in speeches.

In an Aug. 27 briefing with some reporters on calls to restructure the corporate tax code, an unidentified administration official cited Koch Industries, a major privately held energy company, by name, and then seemed to indicate that the company didn’t pay any corporate income tax, according to the Wall Street Journal. . .

White House officials have told reporters that the information was publicly available, including in testimony to the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and on Koch’s website. But an attorney for Koch said in a statement last month that the company does pay corporate income taxes and that information about its structure and tax liability are not publicly available.

Confidentiality is nothing to these people. They dug through confidential records on Joe the Plumber, after he asked a question that embarrassed Barack Obama. Obama’s two toughest opponents in his 2004 Senate race were driven out of the race after their sealed divorce proceeding became public. And that’s just off the top of my head.

(Via Instapundit, who adds “But don’t worry — your health information under ObamaCare will be completely confidential.“)

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