Missouri rejects Obamacare

Missouri just held a vote on a ballot measure that would prohibit the government from imposing an individual mandate to purchase health care. It was almost entirely symbolic, since states cannot override the federal government, even when the federal government oversteps its constitutional powers. Still, it’s a very good indication of the voters’ opinion of Obamacare in a key bellweather state.

The result was a smashing verdict against Obamacare:

Ed Morrissey notes two other interesting facts about the vote. Interest in the proposition was high: more people voted on Proposition C than voted in both Senate primaries combined. Also, considerably fewer people voted against Proposition C than voted in the Democratic primary. At least 14% of Democratic primary voters either opposed Obamacare or declined to vote.

UPDATE: Opponents of Proposition C (i.e., Obamacare supporters) outspent supporters 4-to-1. (Via the Corner.)

UPDATE: Michael Barone does his thing.

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