Abortion barred from state high-risk pools?

A few days ago it was revealed that at least two states (Pennsylvania and New Mexico) were covering abortion in federally funded high-risk health insurance pools. Now the AP is reporting that the Obama administration has issued rules barring such pools from covering abortion in most cases. If true, that’s welcome news. It would also be very surprising, coming from this administration, so I’m waiting to hear of a loophole.

Meanwhile, the Reproductive Health Reality Check, while bleating about how awful this is, underscores the fact that abortion funding is permitted under the health care nationalization law:

But here’s the catch, nothing in federal law actually restricts the use of federal or state money for abortion in PCIPs.

Recall how we were repeatedly told that the Hyde amendment would magically prevent any federal money from being spent on abortion. As I noted previously, that was a bald-faced lie. (The Hyde amendment only applies to Medicaid.) Now that the bill has been passed, the left has no reason to deny it any more.

(Via the Corner.)

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