Media embraces the lie

So the NAACP has passed a resolution declaring that the Tea Party movement is racist. It’s a lie, but I wouldn’t expect any better from today’s NAACP. The NAACP long ago ceased to be a civil-rights organization and became a standard leftist pressure group instead. They are reading off the Democratic script.

But would it be too much to ask that the media, in its reporting on the resolution, mentioned that the allegations to which the resolution refers (racial epithets and spitting at a Tea Party rally) are a lie? The best the ABC News story does is quote some unknown tea party activist disputing the allegations, and that’s half way through the story where they can feel confident that most aren’t reading any more. The Associated Press story isn’t much better.

There are some relevant facts that ought to be mentioned:

  • No one, other than the Congressmen who made the allegation, has ever come forward to corroborate the allegations. (Another Congressman was erroneously reported to corroborate them but did not.)
  • Not one iota of evidence has ever been produced to support the allegations, despite a $100,000 bounty being offered for such evidence.
  • Several videos have surfaced that contradict the allegations, capturing no hint of the racial epithets that were supposedly screamed in a “chorus” “fifteen times” by “hundreds of people”.
  • The Congressmen’s story changed as contradictory videos surfaced.
  • One of the Congressmen (Cleaver) who “witnessed” the alleged incident wasn’t even there.
  • Video proves that the spitting incident did not happen, and the Congressman making that allegation (Cleaver again) has retracted it.

With these facts, one simply cannot escape the conclusion that these Congressmen were lying and the incident is a fabrication. But ABC News and the AP paint this as some sort of one-word-against-another situation and even structures the article to suggest that we should believe the liars.

(Via Power Line.) (Previous post.)

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