Apple’s antenna woes

Consumer Reports says that the iPhone 4’s antenna problem is real, and many are saying that Apple is going to be forced to do a recall. I agree that Apple is doing themselves real damage in the way they responding to this problem, particularly with their ridiculous contention that this is somehow a software problem. I think this Yahoo column puts it best:

Some possibilities:

  • There really is an antenna problem, and the signal strength really is going down. That that strength is also being misreported is neither here nor there.
  • There is no antenna problem, but touching the death spot does something else to the signal which interacts with the signal computation algorithm in such a way as to make the iPhone 4 suddenly report signal strength accurately.
  • Touching that spot on the iPhone 4 causes the machine to take a long hard look at itself and be more honest about what’s really going on.

Apple apparently wants us to believe #2, despite giving no explanation (plausible or otherwise) for how it could be so.

I think Apple has created this problem for themselves with their crazy dedication to secrecy. The problem was discovered immediately when they released the phone. All they had to do was put the phone out in beta and none of this would have happened.

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