The war on science continues

The LA Times reports:

Scientists expected Obama administration to be friendlier

When he ran for president, Barack Obama attacked the George W. Bush administration for putting political concerns ahead of science on such issues as climate change and public health. And during his first weeks in the White House, President Obama ordered his advisors to develop rules to “guarantee scientific integrity throughout the executive branch.”

Many government scientists hailed the president’s pronouncement. But a year and a half later, no such rules have been issued. Now scientists charge that the Obama administration is not doing enough to reverse a culture that they contend allowed officials to interfere with their work and limit their ability to speak out.

“We are getting complaints from government scientists now at the same rate we were during the Bush administration,” said Jeffrey Ruch, an activist lawyer who heads an organization representing scientific whistle-blowers.

Jonathan Adler adds:

This should not surprise. The “GOP War on Science” argument was always overstated and sought a partisan explanation for a phenomenon generated by broader institutional pressures and incentives. There were also early signs that the Obama Administration would replace science politicization of the Right with that of the Left.

I’ve noticed that academics often put inexplicable faith in Democratic politicians. Even those who have a healthy cynicism in other areas often seem to make an exception when it comes to Democratic politicians. They are genuinely dismayed when, inevitably, those Democratic politicians behave like weasels (even from the progressive perspective). And yet they repeat the same mistake all over again for the next guy.

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