Blowing the whistle

J Christian Adams is an attorney until recently with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division who resigned in disgust over the DOJ’s dismissal of the Black Panther voter intimidation case. Adams alleges that DOJ officials have made numerous inaccurate statements (some under oath) regarding what transpired. More broadly, he says that the Civil Rights Division is openly hostile toward race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws.

Adams was ordered by his superiors at DOJ to disregard a subpoena from the US Civil Rights Commission. Now a private citizen, he has agreed to testify.

This story broke early in the Internet Scofflaw hiatus, so a lot has transpired:

  • Adams has an op-ed in the Washington Times.
  • Adams has a piece at Pajamas Media on the Civil Rights Division’s disdain for the civil rights of non-minorities.
  • Pajamas Media has collected statements from other former DOJ employees corroborating Adams’s allegations.
  • There is a video of Adams speaking to Fox News here.
  • Pajamas Media has copies of documents that attest to Adams’s good service at the DOJ, refuting the department’s efforts to smear him since he went public.
  • Adams alleges that Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez lied under oath.
  • Finally, the Washington Times marvels that the mainstream media is ignoring this huge scandal.

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