Whistling past the graveyard

One gets the sense that the Economist is trying to convince itself:

Where in fact is the evidence that Mr Obama is even remotely a “socialist”? . . . It is a funny socialism that gives private, for-profit insurance firms the main responsibility for delivering health care.

Well, if the Economist thinks back a few months, I think they may recall that President Obama wanted a public health plan that would drive the private firms out of business. He wasn’t able to get his “public option”, and only narrowly got the votes for the plan that did pass, so we still have “private” insurance firms. The government is merely going to dictate what policies they write, for whom, and at what price. The government will also dictate how much they pay out, require individuals to buy their services, and pay for much of the cost with taxpayer funds.

Hooray for the triumph of free enterprise.

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