No humanitarian supplies on the Mavi Marmara

The Mavi Marmara, on which Israeli soldiers were ambushed by “humanitarian activists”, contained no humanitarian supplies whatsoever. It’s sole purpose was to provoke an incident with Israel.

In fact, three of the flotilla’s seven ships were passenger vessels containing no humanitarian supplies. Also, the supplies on the other four were mostly worthless:

The humanitarian aid on the four cargo ships was scattered in the ships’ holds and thrown onto piles and not packed properly for transport. The equipment was not packaged and not properly placed on wooden bases. Because of the improper packing, some of the equipment was crushed by the weight in transit.

The medicines and sensitive equipment (operating theater equipment, new clothing, etc.) are being kept in cool storage at the Defense Ministry base. Some of the medicines had already expired, and some will expire soon. The operating theater equipment, which should be kept sterile, was carelessly wrapped. A large part of the equipment, particularly shoes and clothing, was used and worn.

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