Helen Thomas the anti-Semite

I knew that Helen Thomas was a leftist nutcase, but I didn’t know that she was also a barking anti-Semite. In a short interview, she says that the Israelis should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back “home”: to Poland and Germany.

So Thomas says that the nation that was founded to prevent a repeat of the Holocaust should dissolve itself, and its people should move to the nation that perpetrated the Holocaust or the nation in which it was carried out. That’s pretty blunt.

UPDATE: Thomas wants to un-ring the bell now. No dice. Once you’ve come out pro-Holocaust, deep regret and I-really-meant-just-the-opposite aren’t going to cut it.

UPDATE: Hearst Newspapers won’t say whether Thomas will lose her job over this. It sounds like they want to see if it blows over.

William Randolph Hearst’s papers were among the few to take the Holocaust seriously at the time, so it’s particularly sad to see them today sheltering this woman.

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