The Post moves left

The Washington Post is moving hard left:

The once-cautious Washington Post has begun to invest heavily in the liberal blogosphere, transforming its online presence – through a combination of accident and design – into a competitor of the Huffington Post and TalkingPointsMemo as much as the New York Times.

The Post’s foray into the new media world received some unfavorable attention last weekend when its latest hire, Dave Weigel, who covers conservatives, referred to gay marriage foes as “bigots.” But the resulting controversy brought into relief a larger shift: The Post now hosts three of the strongest liberal blogs on the Internet, and draws a disproportionate share of its traffic and buzz from them, a significant change for a traditional newspaper that has struggled to remake itself.

I’m sad to see this happen. The Washington Post has long been the most respectable of the major liberal papers. Sometimes they even deviated from liberal orthodoxy. But that aspect of the Post seems to be dying.

One recent story illustrates a microcosm of the Post’s shift. The Post ran a story about how the Obama administration exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling operation from environmental scrutiny. Would the New York Times, or any other major liberal paper have run such a story? Certainly not. But then the Post sent the story down the memory hole.

I also think that the Post is making a blunder. Just in terms of Hotelling’s law, the Post had a good position as the rightmost of the leftist newspapers. That is the best position to capture a lot of readers. Why would they want to move left, and give that position to another paper?

(Via Power Line.)

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