Media losing influence

A new Fox News poll shows significant support the Arizona illegal immigration law: 61% of those with an opinion supported the law, against 38% opposed. (That’s from the poll numbers; I’m not sure where the story found the number 27%.) More significantly, the public believes by a wide margin (64%-15%) that the Obama administration should wait and see what happens, rather than try to block the law. Even Democrats share that opinion (52%-26%).

Glenn Reynolds explains why this is so significant:

Forget the Arizona bill itself. What this poll says is that despite weeks of national-media coverage that was unrelentingly negative, calling the bill racist, drawing Nazi analogies, etc. — only 15 percent are really against it. Sorry guys — you’re still talking, but people aren’t listening.

POSTSCRIPT: Another interesting tidbit from the poll: The public feels that the main concern about illegal immigration is burdening public services (44%), not taking jobs from Americans (19%) or changing the culture (3%), etc. As I’ve said before, my only objection to unrestricted immigration is that it is incompatible with the modern welfare state (and I’d rather fix the welfare state). The tenor of reporting on the issue certainly gives no hint that a wide plurality agrees with me.

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