At a certain point you’ve seized enough power

President Obama says “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

Oh? How much is enough, precisely? Last year, Barack Obama earned $5,623,690, according to his tax return. Is $5.6 million per year enough? Apparently not. If a smaller amount were “enough” you would expect that he would have given away the excess. He did not. In fact, he gave less than 6% of his income to charity.

So whatever the “enough money” point is, I guess it’s higher than $5.6 million per year.

POSTSCRIPT: Let me add a more serious response: Of course there are diminishing marginal returns to earning more money, but what point is enough is an individual decision. Does Obama have any appreciation for the concept of an individual decision?

Moreover, does Obama not understand that people trying to make money is what drives the economy? When people decide they’ve made enough, they stop growing the economy and creating jobs. That’s bad, remember?

(Via Instapundit.) (The title is borrowed from Scott Johnson’s excellent rejoinder.)

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