The consequence of idiocy

President Obama’s repeated disdain for America’s special relationship with Britain may soon be bearing consequences. Britain’s far-left third party has soared in the polls, and is using Obama’s ambivalence toward the special relationship as justification for ending it. The Washington Post explains:

Mr. Clegg’s stance on those issues could make some in Washington nervous. In a speech this week he called for a shakeup in relations between the United States and the United Kingdom and described as “embarrassing the way Conservative and Labor politicians talk in this kind of slavish way about the special relationship.” He added that there were “profound differences” between the two countries and argued that the Obama administration had already written off the idea that Britain was a special ally. “If they are moving on, why on earth don’t we?” he said.

Intentionally or not, Mr. Obama has offered support for Mr. Clegg’s argument: His relatively chilly relationship with Mr. Brown, including several perceived snubs, has been a persistent theme of British news coverage. Yet the United States can hardly afford a weaker or less friendly Britain at a time when it is still fighting two wars and when diplomacy with states such as Iran, North Korea and Syria is failing.

(Emphasis mine.)

Would it have been so hard to treat the Prime Minister and the Queen with respect, to repudiate State Department statements that the special relationship was over, and to express support for British oil claims off the Falklands coast? No, it wouldn’t have, but he didn’t.

During the Bush administration, there was a lot of idle talk about how President Bush was damaging relations with our allies. Obama has actually done it.

(Via Power Line.)

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