This is an outrage:

Prince George’s prosecutors have begun a criminal investigation of three county police officers who beat an unarmed University of Maryland student with their batons after a basketball game last month in an incident that was caught on video and surfaced publicly Monday, authorities said.

County police also ordered an internal affairs investigation of the three officers, Maj. Andy Ellis said. Ellis said the inquiry would also focus on a county officer who filed official charging documents that are contradicted by the video. . .

Charging documents say McKenna and Donat provoked the beating by attacking officers on horseback. The video clearly shows the officers rushing McKenna and beating him, although the teenager had not touched any of the mounted units.

The charging documents also say that the horses injured McKenna and Donat and make no mention of the beating by the officers. The video shows no aggression by the horses.

The unprovoked beating under cover of authority is bad enough, but then they fabricated a story to justify their attack. These people need to go to prison. The other officers that stood by and watched it happen need to be fired too, but there’s no way that will happen.

(Via Instapundit.)

UPDATE: This incident proves that we should be recording the authorities all the time. Nevertheless, in the very same state (Maryland that is), a man is being prosecuted for recording the police. (Via Instapundit.)

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