Bad pitch

This is a cheap shot, but I’m going to indulge it anyway. Compare and contrast:

(Cue to 0:45 on President Bush’s first pitch if you’re impatient.)

I was going to forgo this, but for this interview:

The interesting thing about this interview isn’t that President Obama can’t name any White Sox players, despite the White Sox supposedly being his favorite team. (Okay, he’s only posing as a baseball fan, but who cares.) The interesting thing is how he reacts to the question. He instinctively falls back on his stock and trade: class warfare. He praises the White Sox as “real blue-collar baseball” as opposed to the Cub fans “up at Wrigley sipping wine.”

(Via Instapundit.)

POSTSCRIPT: Obama’s take on this is particularly phony since he represents the Democratic Party’s wine track, and was only able to take up the blue-collar banner after he defeated Hillary Clinton.

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