Obama unpopularity overtakes Bush

In the latest Rasmussen poll, President Obama’s strong-disapproval rating is at 44%. In comparison, President Bush’s strong-disapproval rating was at 43% when he left office. The vast majority (75%) say they are angry about government policies, and 45% say they are very angry.

Opinion of Congress is also terrible. The vast majority (71%) say that Congress is doing a poor job. Just 10% say it is doing well. Only 21% say the government enjoys the consent of the governed. The blame is falling on the majority party: The GOP lead on the generic ballot is at 10%, their greatest lead yet. (That’s pretty impressive, considering that people don’t even like Republicans.) Two-thirds disapprove of Nancy Pelosi, and 56% disapprove of Harry Reid. (There’s also considerable disapproval of GOP leaders, but not a majority.) Pollster Frank Luntz says the Unabomber has a higher approval rating that some members of Congress.

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