Still bitter after all these years

Remember almost two years ago when Barack Obama said that rural Pennsylvanians “cling to guns or religion” because they are “bitter” over their poor job prospects? It’s very old news now, but I recently learned something I didn’t hear at the time.

During the campaign, I often noted that Obama seemed to be temperamentally unable to admit to being wrong. This, it seems was no exception:

After the remarks were reported by the liberal blog Huffington Post on Friday, Obama initially defended them, and on Saturday he continued to say the tenor of them was correct, even if the phrasing was off. He argued that Clinton and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), whose campaign also criticized the remarks, were turning something “everybody knows is true” into political fodder.

It wasn’t merely an off-the-cuff remark. He was still defending it nearly a week later.

“Everybody” knows it’s true. Everybody? Well, maybe everybody Obama knows.

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