U.S. accepts vote against Zelaya

The State Department is indicating that it will accept the Honduran congress’s refusal to restore Manuel Zelaya to office, judging by this article at the State Department’s web site:

The Honduran Congress voted 111–14 December 2 not to permit Zelaya to be reinstated to serve the final two months of his presidency.

“We’re disappointed by this decision since the United States had hoped the Congress would have approved his return,” Assistant Secretary of State Arturo Valenzuela said in a December 3 conference call. “However, the decision taken by Congress, which it carried out in an open and transparent manner, was in accordance with its mandate” in an accord designed to restore democratic order to the Latin American nation, he added. . .

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton dispatched several senior U.S. diplomats to Tegucigalpa October 28 to help the two sides overcome the remaining obstacles to a political solution. Zelaya and Micheletti agreed on October 30 to allow the Honduran Congress, with authorization from the country’s Supreme Court, to decide whether Zelaya should be allowed to return to power and whether to allow him to serve until his term ends on January 27, 2010. It also calls for a commission to investigate the events that led to the coup.

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