Independents bail on Obama

According to the latest Fox poll, President Obama’s approval rating has dropped from 50-41 (favorable-unfavorable) at the end of last month to 46-46 today. The average approval rating of a president at this point in his term is 56, so Obama is underperforming by 10 points.

The sharp slide in Obama’s popularity is due to independents. Opinions of Democrats and Republicans shifted no more than a point during the period. Independents, however, went from 49-34 (i.e., +15) to 34-51 (i.e., -17). That’s a staggering 32-point shift in just three weeks.

I think we’re seeing the electorate finally getting wise to whom they’ve elected. In just the last few weeks they’ve watched the president lose the health care debate, dither on Afghanistanwage war against Fox News, and move the 9/11 mastermind to civilian court. They’ve watched him tour the world, accomplishing absolutely nothing but making an ass of himself in the process. And they’ve seen the reports of jobs created or saved by his stimulus package unmasked as a complete fraud. The bloom is off the rose and it’s not coming back.

POSTSCRIPT: Lest the Fox poll be considered an outlier, the president is actually doing better in the Fox poll than the Rasmussen poll, which has him at 46-53 overall.

(Via Instapundit.)

UPDATE: Gallup has him at 49 so Fox’s result seems well within the mainstream.

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