Various media outlets, including CNN and MSNBC, are attributing bogus racist quotes to Rush Limbaugh. This story is all over the place, but Gateway Pundit seems to have the best synopsis.

Some times it’s said that a story must have been “too good to check”, but I don’t think this fits into that category. This one must have been “too good to think critically about for even a moment”. If anyone had done so, they would have realized that if Limbaugh had really said these things, his career would have been over back when he said them.

BONUS: Ed Driscoll thinks the quotes came off Wikiquote (a cousin to Wikipedia). ‘Nuff said. (Via Instapundit.)

POSTSCRIPT: If you want to see a sleazy sorta-retraction-but-not-really, check out CNN’s Rick Sanchez here. Sanchez tells his audience that Limbaugh denies the particular quote, but adds that Limbaugh has also said a lot of other similar stuff. He doesn’t elaborate on what that might be.

UPDATE: Here’s CNN’s Rick Sanchez making stuff up (cue to 1:00):

(Via the Telegraph blog.)

Also, Mark Steyn summarizes the new script for race carding:

Step One: You can’t say that. It’s racist.

So you don’t. Next:

Step Two: You’re using “code language”.

As I always say, “code language” is code language for “I’m inventing what you really meant to say because the actual quote doesn’t quite do the job for me.” Still, you steer clear of “code language.” So then:

Step Three: We’ll just concoct it out of whole cloth, and, after running for a week with “Slavery Advocate Wants Medal of Honor for MLK Killer”, our fact-checkers will confirm the accuracy of that statement by citing something you said about Donovan McNabb or Obama’s economic policy. Close enough.

UPDATE: This is well put:

If they said, “Rush is a bit bombastic and we think it would be a distraction from football,” then there would be no cause to complain. But they didn’t say that. They said the man was a racist and an advocate for slavery, which is a lie. They created a division, and then complained that Limbaugh is divisive. And in the process they have reinforced the stereotype of conservatives as racists.

It is sad when lies succeed and the truth does not. It is outrageous that these race-baiting bigots in the sports media managed to successfully slander a man.

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